5 Things to Know about Workers’ Compensation Fraud (Part 2)

Wrapping up our two-part blog 5 Things to Know about Workers’ Compensation Fraud, below is some more important information regarding workers’ compensation fraud. If you have specific questions regarding workers’ compensation benefits and would like to know more about your rights and options, contact the Law Office of Steven J. Picardi. We are happy to answer all of your question and help you get on the road to receiving the benefits you likely deserve.

  1. Employers and insurers can be charged with workers’ compensation fraud – Although it’s common that people associate acts of workers’ compensation fraud with employees trying to fraudulently obtain benefits, it’s also possible for employers or even insurers to be the perpetrators of this fraud. Some of the more common ways in which employers may commit workers’ compensation fraud include when they fail to report injured workers’ true wages (namely in underreporting these wages to try to reduce their payments) and/or they lie about workers’ having hurt themselves at work. Insurers may be the perpetrators of workers’ compensation fraud when they take bribes in exchange for referring injured workers to specific medical providers and/or when they find ways to deny legitimate claims.
  2. Mistakes employees make can lead to workers’ comp fraud charges – Unfortunately, there are cases in which injured workers may make mistakes and these mistakes can be perceived to be workers’ compensation fraud. Specifically, these mistakes can come in the form of errors in filling out benefits claim forms and/or in problems with the submission of medical documents.
  3. The best way to avoid fraud is to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your claim –Injured workers should be able to focus on their recovery and trust that they will be able to receive the full amount of benefits that they deserve. The best way to ensure this and to minimize the chances of making mistakes that can lead to fraud allegations is to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to handle their claim. Skilled lawyers will know how to fill out the necessary documents, provide critical evidence and go up against insurers when there are disputes over legitimate claims.

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