Cold Weather Injuries and How Outdoor Workers Can Avoid Them

If you work outdoors, then the winter season can be a particular dangerous time, especially if you are in the Midwest or Northeast, as the record-breaking cold temperatures have made it riskier than ever to be outside for extended periods of time. Whether this is your first winter working outdoors or you have been facing the cold weather on the job for years, it’s important to review and follow these tips to keep yourself safe and ward off some potentially serious cold weather injuries, including (but not limited to):

  • Hypothermia, the severe drop in body temperature
  • Frostbite, severe damage to the skin and underlying tissues caused by exposure to extremely cold temperatures
  • Trench foot, a condition that develops when a foot (or both feet) are damp or moist for extended periods of time
  • Chilblain, cold burns on exposed skin
  • Freezing of the eyes’ corneas.

Tip 1 for Cold Weather Workers: Remember COLD for Winter Clothing Choices

The first thing that outdoor workers should do when it comes to preparing to labor outside in the cold is to make sure they are wearing the proper attire. To this end, they can use the acronym COLD, which stands for:

  • Keep clothing Clean
  • Choose clothing that will help prevent Overheating
  • Choose clothing that is Loose, and layer clothing to better regulate body temperature
  • Keep clothing Dry to avoid losing body heat.

When outdoor workers dress themselves properly (and have the proper personal protective gear for the specific job they are doing), they can minimize their chances of developing serious cold weather injuries that, in the worst cases, could land them in the hospital.

Tip 2 for Cold Weather Workers: Drink Plenty of Water

When working outdoors (or doing any substantial amount of physical labor), making sure that you are sufficiently hydrated is important to keeping your body well nourished and in good condition. With cold weather, drinking plenty of water and other nourishing fluids will crucial to staving off hypothermia and other cold weather injuries.

Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Workers who suffer a personal injury on the job desire competent medical treatment and compensation to cover their lost wages as a result of their injuries. Because workers’ compensation requirements can be rigorous and confusing for both workers and for self-insured corporations, it is important to obtain legal counsel to help navigate the obstacles.

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