Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claim Timelines: A Helpful Overview

Workers compensation benefits can provide you with essential financial support while you recover from a workplace injury – but the journey to getting them can be complicated, especially considering that:

  • There are various timelines that have to be met in order for claims to proceed smoothly.
  • Missing Colorado workers compensation claim timelines can result in problems like delayed benefits, erroneous denials, etc.

A Table of Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claim Timelines

Check out the following table for an overview of the various Colorado workers compensation claim timelines that you may need to be aware of.

Hurt WorkerWithin 4 days of the injurySubmit a written report regarding the accident, incident and/or injury to the employer
Within 30 daysFile objections to insurance companies’ admissions or denials of liability must be filed to dispute the decision
Within 45 days of sending out a “Notice of Contest”Request an official hearing via an Application for an Expedited Hearing (if appealing a wrongfully denied claim)
EmployerASAPNotify the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation of any fatal injuries
Within 10 days of the incidentNotify insurers of any workplace accidents or injuries
Insurance CompanyWithin 20 days of the incidentIssue decisions regarding the admission or denial of liability in a given workplace accident or injury case
6 months or moreFile petitions to close Workers’ compensation if no further action has been taken by injured workers to appeal denied or terminated benefits.

There may be other Colorado workers’ compensation claim timelines that you should know and be in compliance with, so contact Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorney Steven J. Picardi to ensure you have the best representation moving forward.

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