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Colorado Lost Wages Lawyer
Helping Injured Workers Collect Disability Benefits

For many people, one of the most important things after suffering an on-the-job injury, besides obtaining medical treatment, is figuring out how to cope with lost wages. Workers' compensation claims provide eligible workers with up to two-thirds of their average wages — an amount limited by statute.

At the Picardi Law Firm in Denver, Colorado, we understand the fear faced by people unable to work because of an injury. We will work with you and your employer's insurance company to make sure that you get either temporary total disability benefits — benefits available when you cannot work at all — or temporary partial disability benefits — benefits available when you can work, but not at 100 percent.

To speak to an attorney who has over 20 years of workers' compensation experience, e-mail or call our Parker office today at 303-778-8881 to schedule a free initial consultation.

How your lost wages are averaged will have a significant impact on the amount of temporary disability benefits you will receive. We will make sure that insurance companies calculate all sources of income when determining the workers' compensation benefits due to you. We will make sure that income related to commissions and overtime are calculated into the equation, as well as income from a second job.

What About Going Back to Work?

There are usually many questions related to going back to work after an injury. This can have a dramatic impact on your benefits — you must understand your rights:
  • Your employer does not have to hold your job for you.
  • If you are able, your employer can force you to return to light duty work.
  • Your benefits may be reduced or terminated when you reach maximum medical improvement.
  • The state of Colorado does not offer vocational rehabilitation benefits.
  • If you are only able to return to work part-time, you may still receive temporary partial disability benefits./li>
To learn more about obtaining workers' compensation and lost wages in the state of Colorado, contact us at the Picardi Law Firm and schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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