Risk Management

Denver Workers' Compensation and Risk Management Attorneys
Claim Management for Self-Insured Employers

As a specialized law firm focusing solely on workers' compensation claims, Picardi Law Firm has the skill necessary to help self-insured employers create a strong risk management program relating to workers' compensation claims. The firm's workers' compensation and risk management attorneys represent employers, insurers and other professionals in Denver and throughout Colorado.

Workers' compensation risk management is not just about determining whether you should pay a claim. It is about understanding how each claim relates to your overall business operations.

Helping You Understand How One Claim Can Affect Your Business

Most insurance companies are not interested in the overall impact that a workers' compensation claim can have on a corporation's operations and business goals. The firm's attorneys, however, understand that self-insured employers and risk managers do care. They will work with CEOs, VPs, risk managers, in-house legal counsel, union representatives and other professionals in coordinating their positions in workers' compensation cases into their overall business plans.

Reach out to the firm's attorneys to analyze the interplay between workers' compensation and risk management for numerous reasons, including:
  • Drafting policies and procedures
  • The effect of open workers' compensation claims on mergers and acquisitions
  • Workers' compensation liability in joint ventures
  • Contract negotiations
  • Public relations and employee relations
The key to ensuring that you have proper risk management policies and procedures in place is having specially trained attorneys with specific experience handling workers' compensation claims and other self-insured business concerns. From workers' compensation cost containment to basic claim management, workers' compensation defense attorneys Steven J. Picardi and Daniel Clay Thornton will work to create a comprehensive risk management plan dedicated specifically to addressing workers' compensation matters.

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To learn more about the workers' compensation defense services provided by the firm to self-insured employers and risk management professionals, contact Picardi Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation.
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