REMINDER: Statutory Changes to the Designated Provider List

Effective April 15, 2015, § 8-43-404(5) will require employers to increase the number of physicians which must be offered to an employee on the Designated Provider List from two to four physicians, corporate medical providers or a combination of both, where available. At least one of the designated providers must be at a distinct location from the other three and have distinct ownership.

If there are not at least two physicians (or corporate medical providers) within 30 miles of the employer's place of business with distinct locations and ownership, then an employer may designate providers at the same location and with shared ownership interests.

If there are more than three but less than nine physicians or corporate medical providers willing to treat injured workers within 30 miles of the employer's place of business, then two physicians or corporate medical providers, (or a combination), at distinct locations and with distinct ownership, may be designated.

In all cases, upon request from an injured worker, a designated provider must provide a list of ownership interests and employment relationships, if any, to an interested party to the claim, within 5 days receipt of the request.

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